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Here Are a Few Videos With Valuable Owner Builder Insights

Owner Builder's

First Steps

A lot of our clients come with already-set plans, but that's not where we start.

Watch this video on what your first step as a Owner Builder should be.

A Houston Owner-Builder’s Success Story with BlueSky

Watch this short video to hear a testimonial from one of

our many satisfied clients!

If you’re thinking about building your own home...

if this lady can do it,

you can do it too!

How is an Ironman Challenge Like Building a Custom Home?

Coaching swimmers isn't all that different than coaching owner-builders.

Here, we talk about how an Ironman challenge is like building your own custom home.

Owner Builder Workshop Highlights

Here is the highlights of our workshop on being an "Owner Builder."

We host workshops almost every month and will be posting snippets of those workshops on our YouTube channel.

All Things Framing - Home Building Workshop

After laying the foundations, you can't do anything without framing!

In this video, we gathered clips from our workshop on the topic Framing.

Watch now and you might just learn something new!

Unique Pole-Frame Construction Project

Pole-Frame construction is very cost-efficient but it does not work everywhere.

Watch our video and see other things that pole-frame construction makes efficient!

How Owner Builder Projects Go from Start to Finish

In this video, we showcase how our projects progress from start to finish.

If you're curious on how we handle things,

WATCH this video now!

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