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Do you want to build an energy efficient home?

July 21, 20221 min read

Of course you do! An energy efficient home will save you money over time, provide a higher level of comfort for your family and increase the resale value of your home. And don’t forget the benefits to our planet.

It all starts with a plan. We prefer to get involved in the building process when the owners are in the preliminary planning phase. Your builder and your architect or designer can help you make informed decisions on the many choices that go into building a green, energy efficient home. 

Here are just a few of the things to consider:

Site and room orientation

A tightly sealed thermal envelope

Air and moisture barrier providing energy savings, health benefits and sound barrier

Controlled ventilation

Energy efficient doors and windows

Energy efficient appliances and electronics

Efficient lighting options

Solar power

Smart home technology

If you are building or considering building a custom home and want to learn more about how to make it energy efficient, join us for our Energy Efficiency Webinar/Class. Green Certified Master Builder, Patrick Harrington, will lead a discussion on how to build a cost-effective and energy-efficient custom home. Stay tuned for upcoming date and time. 

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